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Sheets and blanks

Our wide range of composites combines standard materials with our own formulations, offering unprecedented adaptability to the respective application. The materials expertise of our technical project managers goes far beyond market standards.

We offer semi-finished products in the form of sheets and pre-cuts, tubes, rods as well as pressed profiles based on our prepregs. Our sheets and cut pieces are also blanks for our machining.
Special qualities as well as the development of application-specific materials are possible.

Our laminates

In our high-pressure, low-pressure and continuous presses, we produce sheets for a wide range of industrial applications. We also cover large formats up to 4 m² with pressures of over 12 MPa. The sheets are also available unmachined as semi-finished products.

We offer thermosets and composite sheets in many combinations of support and resin matrix. To ensure a quick response to common combinations, we maintain these for you in our warehouse.

Be inspired by the possible combinations of our technical laminates!

Resin matrix: Epoxy, polyester, silicone, phenolic, polyimide, and rubber resins
Fiber reinforcement: glass fabric, glass mats, mica paper, aramid fabric, cotton fabric, paper, carbon fiber fabric, glass fiber, polyester fabric

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Our sheets

Core component for many applications


Best thermal insulation for presses

Vetronit EGS 619

FR4 for aerospace applications

Canevasit FF-5964

Best tolerances and highest durability for pumps

Vetronit EGS 619 HTC

High thermal stability in medical devices

DBC AC-500

Best service life and cleaning performance forpaper machines
Brand names

Brands and proprietary solutions

Brand names require experts to keep track. Contact us with your needs and we will be happy to advise you on the selection of materials suitable for your needs.

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